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  1. NutriDetox tablets

    NutriDetox tablets

    Supports liver and gallbladder functions
  2. Bariatric Advantage Prenatal

    Bariatric Advantage Prenatal

    Specific pregnancy multivitamin AFTER bariatric surgery

  3. New


    For a light stomach, at all moments

  4. Nutri-Adapt


    Supports the energy level

  5. FeminaDyn CBU

    FeminaDyn CBU

    Beneficial for the kidneys, the urinary tract and the bladder function*

  6. FolaNatal


    Source of folate and vitamin B12

  7. BactiDyn Femina

    BactiDyn Femina

    Source of B. lactis BB-12® and L. rhamnosus LGG®

  8. BactiDyn Senior

    BactiDyn Senior

    Source of Bifidobacterium lactis HN019.

    Supports the natural resistance of older people and the intestinal mucosa.

  9. D-Dyn 2500IU Vegan

    D-Dyn 2500IU Vegan

    Supports the immune system

    Maintenance of strong bones

  10. BactiDyn Forte

    BactiDyn Forte

    High dose of L.acidophilus NCFM® et B. lactis Bi-07®

    Helps build up natural resistance

  11. BactiDyn Infa

    BactiDyn Infa

    Source of B. lactis BB-12®, L. acidophilus La-5® and B. infantis
  12. BactiDyn Immune

    BactiDyn Immune

    Source of L.acidophilus NCFM® et B. lactis Bi-07® Source of fibre and whey protein
191 results